Frugal GM Review: Torchlit Dungeons 1

Frugal GM Review: Torchlit Dungeons 1
With my recent map kick I decided to start scouring Drive Thru RPG for some other maps and I came across this free introduction to Heroic Maps' line of products.

Torchlit Dungeon 1 is a seven page PDF that contains a four page dungeon. Two pages show the overall dungeon, one with the page layout outlined and the other without.

Each page is 5 squares by 10 squares, so the overall dungeon is 10 x 20. The pages are naturally A4, so if you want to print them using US paper you'll need to reduce the page size for printing. If you want your squares to be 28mm you'll need to print to A4 paper, BUT if you want 1" squares (or pretty darned close), you'll need to print out at 90.7%, which does fit just fine on standard US paper.

The quality of this dungeon is pretty good, but it is "missing" one important feature: doors. In this case the lack of doors isn't a setback, but actually a pretty cool feature. Heroic Maps has a free doors download that lets you print out a bunch of different doors that you can place as needed. This lets you reuse the map much more easily.

Overview of Torchlit Dungeon 1
Frugal GM 5 Star Review of Torchlit Dungeons 1
The rest of the Heroic Maps line ranges from $2.95 to $4.50. Now if you are like me, you want maps that can perform double-duty for table-tops games and for online games. You cannot easily open up the PDF in image editing software, but you can print out the pages to another PDF and use that.

I like this map and will probably get more of the maps to use once I get my digital battleboard setup.


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