Free Map 001

Free Map From the Frugal GM
Yesterday I found myself doodling a map while I should have been paying 100% attention to something...well someone else. Fortunately I caught myself before long and did what I should have been doing.

Now I'm not much of a doodler to begin with. Sure, I'll sketch out plans for ideas in my head, but maps? Not usually my thing. If I need a map, I'll make a map.....assuming I cannot find one already made to my liking.

This evening I decided to go ahead and make a map. This map has no purpose, but I figure someone can make use of it....

Map 001: Cavern Map
The map on the right is my finished attempt. This version is low-res, but here is a high-res version from my Patreon account. There are two obvious entrances at the top & bottom, but I envision a third secret entrance further up the hill/mountain this cave complex is in. This "secret" entrance goes into a small cave and there is a tunnel to another lower chamber which has another downward tunnel to the main complex. These tunnels, and the "secret" entrance can be marked up as you like.

I know it is a simple map, but I figured the more complex I made it, the less useful it would be for others to use.

If you like this map, or you have some basic suggestions and/or desires, feel free to let me know. I might make this a regular "thing".


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