Free Map 002

Free Map 002
After last week's map I felt like moving in a different direction and work on a small village map. After a few hours I decided to go ahead and scale back the map some while taking some more time in colorizing it.

I had started going through placing buildings, but those buildings were detracting from the effort (granted I hadn't finished tweaking them) and I thought that maybe this map wouldn't be as useful to other folks.

I have a resource for randomly generating a population center and I noticed that it broke down your village/town/city into smaller blocks, complete with area for each ward. My next town map is going to be quite a bit more detailed, or at least my current grandiose plans for the next town map have it going that way.

Map 002: Forest Village

This is a small crossroads village in the woods that has an unspecified scale. There are two small trails that parallel the creek (or is it a river?) and five roads leading into/out of town. There are lots of possibilities depending on what you decide to place where......

If you want the higher-resolution map, it can be found here. If you end up using it, please shoot me a link to how you finished it out.


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