Free Map 004

Free Map 004
A couple weeks into this map-a-week bit and I'm already using somebody else's maps.....

Actually this is a "quick" map that my wife made for a one-off. While I really enjoy the creative process and labor at putting things together in writing or any other "art", I'm more at home screwing around with the technical aspect of things. For me it doesn't really get fun until I can scan it in and start playing with Photoshop.

My wife is 180* out. She's the artistic one who would like to become better playing with the computer.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side....

The Blue Arrow Inn by Carolyn StogdillThis map is several years old and I'm pretty sure it was for a small session at Origins, but it was
basically used once and then forgotten. It was all done by hand with colored pencils. Hopefully you can find this map a second life as another one-off. If nothing immediately comes to mind you can always use this map in one of my favorite ways to mess with the players.

Print this up and make a half-hearted effort to keep the players from seeing "the map". Surely if you had gone through so much effort to produce a map like this there has to be something special about this area.

Before you know it you players will go off and start their own adventure thinking you have some elaborate plan involving this small locale.

<insert maniacal laugh here>


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