Free Map 009

Free Map 009
I've already shared the basement levels of my adventure map, which is a little bit of putting the cart before the horse, but I liked those maps better than the above ground levels.

This map is the 1st floor of a private temple/residence of a High Priest of an evil god. The church's holy symbol is a closed, mailed fist and that symbol is used as the basis for this building.

The first floor is the temple portion which is used primarily by the
Free Map 009: A Small Evil TempleHigh Priest and his entourage. It is important to note that there was no attempt to make the well in this map placed accurately in relation to the stairwell. On this map I didn't see the point in wasting so much space.

The smaller version to the right has some numbered areas, but the larger version does not. I'm not a huge fan of this map if for no other reason I don't feel good about mapping out buildings in general.

Hopefully some of you might find this map useful......especially if you consider yourself as bad as doing buildings as I am.

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