Map Parts & Pieces: Buildings

Map Parts & Pieces: Buildings
I know I'm a day behind on getting this post out, but I wasn't quite finished with what I was working on.....and there is more, but why bother?

I'm busy working on my small city supplement and it occurred to me that I'd like to maybe polish it up a bit when finished and try to make it into a small something for other GMs to use. The big problem is that my map was made by a program developed by a unknown individual. There is no attribution in the program, just some hotlinks to defunct URLs.

If I want to assemble this and make it available for a buck or two I really need to have permission to  use that map and I'm not going to be getting it any time soon. This means I have to redo my maps from scratch and draw out all of the buildings of the town.

Some simple building shapesI am far too lazy to do that level of work, which is why Photoshop comes into play. I've made a series of buildings that I scanned and cleaned up. These assorted buildings can be re-sized and placed quite easily.

Some more complex building shapesColoring them is a cinch as well. I just use a photo filter

I've also made a brush with these building shapes to make laying them down as simple as tweaking a couple of settings. I got the idea from some of the Cartographer's Guild Tutorials I posted around this time last year.

My files are Photoshop PSD files, which you can open in GIMP if you don't have Photoshop. This link contains two PSD files with the buildings shown above as well as the brush preset.

Feel free to use these files for your own private or free products as long as you follow the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. A head's-up would be nice as well so maybe I could point some folks your way.

Overall it took me a lot longer to work out these buildings than I would have liked, but at least now I have them to use for future projects as I want.


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