Free GM Resource: More Generators!

Free GM Resource: More Generators!
This week's Free GM Resource isn't a whole lot to look at as it is pretty much all function over form.

www.mathemagician.net is home to four online random generators;
          Town Generator
          Treasure Generator 3.5
          Weather Generator
          Treasure Generator 3.0

I found the Town and Weather generators to be the most useful. I like the notes listed on the Town generator, especially the suggested racial mixes (feel free to use your own) and the expected generation time. It is always nice to know about how long it will take the server to create your locale. A metropolis could take two minutes....so it's nice to know that the program hasn't simply crashed, but a server is busy gronking away on my new mega-city.

As far as the weather generator goes....I just don't see that many weather generators so anything is a bonus. I particularly liked the ability to switch off between Celsius & Fahrenheit. I may be able to get my head around liters and kilograms, but Celsius is largely a mystery to me.

Documentation on the site is rather sparse. There is a credits page where the author thanks a few folks and the weather generator lists a Justin Dunmyre as a point of contact for questions. I'm going to assume that Justin is the author of this website and while I'm not a huge fan of the bare-bones delivery, he's put a couple of good tools out there for the community to use. Good job!


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