Free Terrain Piece: 5' (Scale) Diameter Log

Free Terrain Piece: 5' (Scale) Diameter Log
I've already started on my next map and this time I decided to take my time and not rush things. I'm using better supplies and even going through the motions of sketching some rough ideas/notes out before hand.....

....and I've started a new job where I have to be in training from 5:30 AM to 2 PM. For a night owl like me this is a huge change from my norm and it is taking some time to compensate.

What does this mean to you? Well, no map this week....sorry. I do have a few other table-top props and map helps lying around that I'm more than willing to share.

Free Terrain Piece: 5' (Scale) Diameter Log
This week I went ahead and played around a bit with a product idea I had done a lot of work on
before abandoning it almost finished. The idea was a simple way to make some in-scale logs/timber as terrain pieces. I started with actual picture of bark that were played around with and displayed with a sizing sheet. The sizing sheet let you cut out the length and diameter you wanted and then either wrap the print-out around an appropriately sized dowel, or just glue some end caps on the logs.

I got to the point where I was finishing up the end caps. The work I really needed to do was clean up the cutting/gluing guides, finish he end caps, and then start messing with the PDF layers so you could add the cut-off branches and pick the diameter of your printed out logs. I also figured you could just print this to sticker-stock and wrap around appropriately sized cylinders. The end caps were going to be two different types to give another choice on how to proceed.

For this download I just made one choice of diameter and put one type of  end cap on there, squeezing it into one page. If there is any sizable request to finish this project up I probably will, but I don't expect it, especially in this particular format.

This was an interesting experiment, which is about all I can say at this point.


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