Free GM Resource: Map Folio 3D

Free GM Resource: Map Folio 3D
I've got one for you....

...have you seen a company take an in-print product, add content to it, and then give it away for free?*

I can think of at least one other occasion, but in general, this doesn't happen. This week's free resource is something I thought I had shared before, but evidently not.

Back when I first started trying out paper modelling I purchased the Map Folio 3-D from Wizards of the Coast. The models looked good and were relatively easy to cut out and put together. I was a bit hesitant to do so since I only had one copy of the Folio and some pieces I wanted more than one copy of. I was quite happy to find that WotC had added a few files and made it available for free on their website.

Now you can get as many copies as you need printed up and assembled. Sure you'll have a little bit more work having it printed and then cut out, but the files are free, which goes a long way towards getting things done.

2014.01.20 Edit:
Someone sent me a note saying that they didn't think these files were the actual Map Folio files. I went ahead and looked at my assembled models and while a couple of the files look the same, it is evident that this collection isn't the Map Folio +additional models like I thought it was. I have a Blacksmith shop and a couple of regular houses that aren't on the list of files. You can see pictures of some of them in the photos they used, but the files aren't there.

Sorry about this....the free files are still free and still useful. I do wish the houses were in with those files though.

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  1. Your update is correct. None of the PDFs posted on WotC's site are from the Map Folio 3-D.

    The Folio contains "City Wall, Cottages, Smithy, Windows and Doors, Tower, Medieval Inn and Outbuilding".

    The WotC site has "Tower (Intact and ruined), Woodsman's Hut (Intact and ruined), Rustic Bridge, Mausoleum, Gothic Graveyard, Town Tavern, Rural Church, 3-Story City Wall, Half-Timbered Building, Half Turret and Short Wall, Timber Hoarding, Cobblestone Roads, Dirt Roads and Wood Textures, Gatehouse".

    By name, the only one the same is City Wall, but the images are definitely different.