Free GM Resource: Save Vs. Dragon

Free GM Resource: Save Vs. Dragon
This week's Free GM Resource is another something I thought I had pointed out before. I was a little embarrassed because I was going to revisit this resource because, in my mind, I had completely overlooked a ton of things.

Fortunately I was a bit off in my earlier assumptions. What I have done was review two products from New Big Dragon Games Unlimited (affiliate link).
          *Sandbox Resources: Hex Map Pack
          *D30 Sandbox Companion

Now, if you go over to their blog, there is a plethora (as in multitude or simply gobs) of free GM resources. What initially caught my eye was the d30 Feature of the Week. Granted, it is a bit of a misnomer, but still.....a lot of good tables there.

While you are stocking up on files, don't forget to check out the "Free Downloads" tab.

Now after you gorge yourself on free goodies you should seriously consider doing one of two things:
          Support New Big Dragon Games Unlimited
          Participate in NBDGU's Community Geomorph Project

Aside from good karma, you get to support future free products...at least one! Now if you'll excuse me I have a lot of new tables and adventures to pour over....as soon as I finish adding Save Vs. Dragon to my +12 Links of Helpfulness.

I want to give any of my readers a bit of a head's up that there are more free resources on this blog than what I've already linked to. I didn't do much more than point out some low-hanging fruit. Something tells me I've only scratched the surface.....


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