Free Map 025: Another Underground River

Free Map 025: Another Underground River
When working on a new skill, like making a certain type of map, I like to do things a few different times in slightly different ways to figure out what works and what doesn't.

With this in mind it shouldn't be s surprise that this week's free map is another underground river. I don't think I've got it down quite yet so there will undoubtedly be another one of these next week.

There wasn't much feedback from last week's map so I'm guessing it wasn't terribly popular, which is something I'm completely OK with. I do these maps more for my own sake than anything else, so expecting external approval is largely an exercise in futility.

The 2nd in a trio of underground river maps
This time around I got my river source a bit differently and I played around with my process a lot more than last time. I still "wasted" a fair bit of time, but I think it was more enjoyable this go around. I have one more river already set-aside for the next map and I might try to bridge some of the things I did last week with what I did this week.

If I find the time I might have to go back to my source files and stitch the maps together to make a HUGE underground river map in a consistent style. I'm not sure my computer can take it, but that might be fun to try.....

As always, click on the post lead-in graphic or use this link for the free map file.


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