Frugal GM Review: Instant NPC Personality Generator

Frugal GM Review: Instant NPC Personality Generator
During DriveThruRPG's GM Day sale I tossed a few odds & ends into my online shopping cart and one such item was the Instant NPC Personality Generator from DRAKAT Games.

I was intrigued by the possibility of making it easier for me to create NPCs on the fly because this is pretty much how I roll as a GM. I run with a huge list of NPC names, separated by race, and I essentially mark them off as I use them, jotting down any small notes I need to remember about them for future use.

This Instant NPC Personality Generator seemed to be a bit much for my personal take on running NPCs, but I can it is being really useful to a lot of other GMs. The 12 page PDF comes with three pages of random NPCs, just roll a percentile and pick one off of the list. That table is a bit simple, but the author provided another table for you to customize and a pretty good explanation of how they dumbed-down the Myers-Briggs personality types for this gaming aide.

Frugal GM 3 Star Review: Instant NPC Personality Generator
There was some "talk" of how certain personality types will mesh/clash with other types and how you can factor this into how NPCs of one personality type will interact with the personality types of your PCs.......this was a bit lost on me. I don't really want to get this cerebral when running a game.

Still, while there were some things on the tables and in the PDF I'm not going to use, there was plenty of good bits in there that I'll have to consider when creating new NPCs. I'm sure there are some GMs who might be able to use this product almost in its entirety. Since it is less than a buck it might be a worthwhile check-out.....


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