Free Map 027: A Small Tavern

Free Map 027: A Small Tavern
I've had a couple of ideas kicking around in my head for this week's map, but getting said ideas down on paper is a lot harder than it appears.

I started out with a tavern map that I thought was a cool idea, but I had difficulty making these meat clubs I call hands draw something delicate and stately.

A small, over-built tavernIf I was going to post anything today I had to change tact and do something I could manage. In this case it is a rather simple small tavern. My original idea was to take a small fortification and convert it to use as a tavern. The walls are mortared fieldstone and the entrance is over-sized, with a large bar.  There are some generous supports holding up the ceiling so there is a load bearing wall or support basically every 15'. This place is supposed to be a bit on the small side and over-built. There are no windows for light as those would be weak areas of the wall. Perhaps this tavern is actually underground, or at least buried enough so the outside of the roof is ground level. There is a trap door going down into the depths under one of the torches.

I think I spent more time playing with the torch and fireplace lighting effects than anything else.

Let me know how you end up using this tavern, if at all. Almost all of the objects have come from various contributors from Dundjinni forums. Like always, you can click on the lead-in graphic for this file, or you can use this link.


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