Frugal GM Review: One Page Dungeon Shamble

Frugal GM Review: One Page Dungeon Shamble
I've been keeping tabs on the One Page Dungeon Contest, eager as anyone to see what gets put together.

A pretty cool teaser is looking back to a small collection hobbled together from last year's contest. One Page Dungeon Shamble is a collection of five loosely-related adventures.

The premise is roughly that all of the PCs have died and come back as altered undead and by working through these five adventures they have a way to come back from their state of undeath. In some ways the PC's new state makes them a bit more powerful than they might have been in life, but there are some measures within the adventures that take some of the bennies of undeath away from the PCs.

I liked the general theme of the adventure and if I was planning on using the One Page Dungeon Shamble I know I'd need a lot of tweaking to make it work, and for some game systems it would never work.

Still, if you have the right system and the right players, this could be a fun way to let them stem the tide of death......once. The price is right and it is available now on DriveThruRPG. This adventure might work best if you did all the prep work and had it waiting for a TPK, so you might want to download it sooner rather than later.....


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