Free Map 030 (in three versions)

Free Map 030 (in three versions)
Monday I posted about Google Plus being a great Free GM Resource. On Monday I also took some extra time to check out the plethora of communities G+ had recommended to me based on my current communities' involvement.

One new community I joined was the Micro Map community, where I just had to get in on #micromapmonday. It was fun, and anything that makes gaming, and gaming prep, fun is worth a shot.

I ended up coming up with this small map, which I dressed up a couple of different ways:

Micromaps 1 & 2
Now you can have the two roughly 6 cm by 7 cm maps here and here.

My goal was to do two things for Wednesday....since it is now Thursday you might have properly surmised that I was either lazy or simply failed in my endeavor.....both would be correct in this case....

Anyhoo....I figured I would "blow up" this map to a full page(ish) size and I would try to create another vertical slice view of this cavern. Using my original drawing I made some mark ups, envisioned how things would look, and put pencil to paper for a rough sketch.

Large-scale cave mapI still completely suck at doing vertical/side view maps. Now I'm sure I could probably do a straight-up side view map, but taking a top-down view map and translating that to a side-view....just cannot do it. My brain cannot twist the one projection into the other. I can envision how the different elevations within a map are, but not how they would look. Outside of modelling a cave system and then cutting it in have and using a picture of the cross-section, I don't think I'll be able to overcome this shortfall.

Oh well, maybe I just need to try my hand at something else.

In the meantime, here is the larger-sized map. I experimented around a bit with some different effects. You can get the free map by clicking on the lead-in graphic or use this link.


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