Free GM Resource: G+

Free GM Resource: G+
OK, I realize it might seem like I'm phoning in this week's Free GM Resource, and I'll take the hit because it is Memorial Day. I do have to say though that I've found a ton of great resources specifically because I had signed up as a member to some specific communities and added specific people to my circles.

Most of the people I've already posted links to their work before so I'll focus instead on just a couple of communities:

RPG: Kind of a no-brainer, but there are some good discussions and sub communities.

Gaming on the Cheap: Again, what a no-brainer for a blog like this. Some great ideas floating around on there!

The Library of Gaming Maps: A veritable treasure trove of maps.

Order of the d30: I've just been on a d30 kick lately, probably because of all the free stuff that Richard LeBlanc has been doing last month (and before/since...just last month was crazy...)

There are more I could recommend, and even more I personally want to check out, but this is just a quartet to get you started. The cool thing is that as you join more communities, G+ does a good job of recommending even more communities that fit in with your other groups. Just click on the little arrow beside your home tab (top left of your G+ screen) and choose "communities".

I see a few I need to be checking out myself......


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