Free GM Resource: Bonus Goodies from & Magazine!

Free GM Resource: Bonus Goodies from & Magazine!
It feels like I'm completely dipping back into the well, since I posted about & Magazine almost a year ago, but news about the beginning of a mega-dungeon hit my in-box yesterday.

While Castle Trikelion is the new kid on the block, & Magazine has a few more other downloads that are worth checking out. At the time of this post there are two adventures, two supplements, and an "unofficial publication", in addition to the Castle Trikelion.

The magazine website has had a facelift and while it is working a bit slow for me (I'm assuming there is heavy Monday morning Castle downloads.....), you should check out the downloads page. Unfortunately the downloads page doesn't actually have any download links....odd....but there is a link to the newest & Magazine page and the horizontal menu has drop-down links to the individual section pages.


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