Interesting RPG System Map

Interesting RPG System Map
I woke up way too early this AM and thought I'd get a head-start on tomorrow's post, but I ended up just doing some random link-hopping, which is often a pleasant pastime unto itself. One place I ended up on is Inkwell Ideas, specifically on their Tabletop RPG Poster page.

Basically it is a 2' x 3' poster of just about every RPG out there right now. I'm sure it is missing some and the organization needs a little work, at least for my preferred games, but my games are in there. Unless you've played them all you are bound to miss some/misplace some. Of course this is only as current as 2012.

The poster is $14, which is a good deal if you've ever priced out getting 6 square feet of full-color map printed. It also comes with a pack of stickers marking what games you've played (or maybe would like to play?). You could also use this map to try and pick a new game to try. For some gaming groups the $14 would be well spent if it cuts down the decision time on selecting a new system to try.

Different game systems I've played

I didn't think I've played many different games, but when I plotted it out I was a bit surprised. This won't blow up enough to see the games, so you should just head on over to Inkwell Ideas to see the map for yourself.


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