Free GM Resource: Random Map/Adventure Generator from WotC

Free GM Resource: Random Map/Adventure Generator from WotC
It shouldn't come as any surprise to me that there are still plenty of old useful "toys" (pardon the pun) available from the old Hasbro-owned WotC website.

I know I've highlighted some of their goodies before (the Tavern Maker and the Map-A-Week immediately comes to mind), but every once in a while another thing pops onto my radar.

This week it is WotC's Random Dungeon Generator. Something tells me this is old hat to a lot of folks, but if it was new to me I'm sure it is new to somebody else....

The options are pretty decent......
Generator Settings

......but I've noticed that if you use any theme other than "generic" it won't generate and adventure....which is only a problem if you wanted and adventure.

The maps aren't a lot to write home about, but they get the job done for a GM. The only real issue I see is that you cannot right-click and save the map to print up later. You have to do a screen shot or print off the map, but if you save the seed information you can always go back and get another copy. For example, if you saved this in a text file: "8,8,75,5,6,1,1,0,5,10,0,1405269191767,2,0,,0,1,A,C,0,0,0,5,0,0" and put it into the "Load Value" at the bottom you'll get this map:
Map 8,8,75,5,6,1,1,0,5,10,0,1405269191767,2,0,,0,1,A,C,0,0,0,5,0,0

I hope that one of my 28 readers will get some use out of this.....


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