Just Received Some Commissioned Art

$1, 60 second Commissioned Art
Last month I went to the Origins Game Fair and came back with quite a few goodies, one of which was a 60" Commission from Tina Bongorno. Pretty good for a $1 piece of art!

Tina had a post-convention contest where the 1st prize was a full-commissioned piece of art drawn to your specifications. I didn't win that contest, but I did get offered a free B&W Digital commission. This was about a day before my birthday, so I saw it as another b-day present!

I got the piece a few days ago and it rocks. It is a portrait of my current HackMaster PCs, Balen Lionsbane.

Hi-Res B&W Digital Commission
Can I show you what a "Dwarven Charliehorse" is?

The pic above is a PNG file so the background is the proper white instead of off-white. It might look a little funky if you click on it for a close-up. The file I was given is a beautiful 300 DPI JPG.

If you have some art you need done, you might want to give Tina a jingle either on Twitter, Facebook, or even through her Etsy page. I won't post her email publicly, but you can find it here. I'll be the first to admit a lot of her work isn't "my style", but it is obvious from the two pieces I have that she's got a much bigger range than just what people have been buying from her lately.....

Now I just have to come up with a project that needs some art......


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