New FREE Frugal GM Product at DriveThruRPG: Trouble at Karst Cavern

New FREE Frugal GM Product at DriveThruRPG: Trouble at Karst Cavern
This week I've been busier than I should be screwing around with some family genealogy research for my mother. I find it mildly amusing that she's made several cross-country trips to do research and I've found so much more than her from the comfort of my home-office. Of course she hasn't had the same education & experience at these things as I have.

Anyway, this morning was spent with some physical construction work where I *actually* sweated some. This afternoon I was planning on tidying up some and during a "quick" break came across the following challenge from one Matt Jackson, "Let's have some fun today. I made a map, let's stock it! Write a short adventure for whatever system you prefer. Any takers?"

I know....so persuasive, eh?

Trouble at Karst Cavern
Somehow I saw it as a challenge, for whatever reason, and this wild hair got caught up my....er, inspirational place? and I had to drop everything to get this put together. It is a short encounter set that a GM can just "tweak & toss" (that's gonna be my tagline for this kind of thing) into their campaign. While designed with HackMaster in mind, it is deliberately vague in all the right places to make it easy enough to integrate into just about any RPG game system. Sure the levels might not sync up, but go with your gut and you'll be fine.

If this ends up being popular enough I'll do more...really. Suggestions for additional front-loaded tweaking is appreciated too. Maybe it is too short & simple (I don't think so, but....I'm opinionated...er, biased).


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