Free GM Resource: Pymapper

Free GM Resource: Pymapper
This week's Free GM Resource is a mapping program that really made me think it was the love child of MapTools and Dungeon Crafter. Pymapper is a tile-based map generator that has a decent amount of functionality. It isn't as straight-forward (or easy) to use as DC, but it does have quite a few non-obvious bells and whistles that remind me of MapTools.

Of course the fact it is available, unlike DC, means that it might serve as a substitute for that program. I installed and played around with Pymapper this morning and it took me a while to simply load up some of the tilesets I had downloaded from the website. Evidently it didn't like the fact I had renamed the folders of each tileset.

There are some tutorial PDFs online, and in at least one case, in the Pymapper files themselves. While I doubt I'll be using this program for my gaming needs, I think that there are a few folks who would find this a perfect fit.


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