Frugal GM Review: King for a Day Map Pack

Frugal GM Review: King for a Day Map Pack
My home game players are about to venture forth into a new area and while I had some very specific ideas about the maps I needed to make, I also had a map pack saved in my DriveThruRPG wishlist that looked like it would fit the bill.

The King for a Day Map Package is a $4.99 download that I decided to gamble on because the preview looked like it would fit my needs. There are three downloads to this product:
     A 24" x 18" jpg map that is 100 DPI
     A a set of 2 pages of 24" x 20" PDF maps
     A 32 page PDF of maps, handouts and GM aides that is 6" x 9"

My first impression was pretty good, especially since this will probably meet my needs, but honestly...it went downhill from here.

First off, nothing is a standard printing size here. If I wanted to take and print my stuff up at a print shop I'd have to go with the large format printer and pay by the square footage. Seriously.....a 24" x 20" PDF? Where is that going to be useful? Of course it is locked down  to an absurd amount....there isn't even print permissions for crying out loud! Why do I need a 24" x 20" PDF if I cannot do anything with it?!

Now the PDF packet......well at least I can print it, but who wants a 6" x 9" printing? I guess I could squeeze it to a crappy, out of sequence zine-ish format. A good amount of this PDF isn't maps or even handouts, but GM Aides that belong in the original King for a Day adventure, not in a map-pack! Does a map-pack need the adventure's glossary? I don't think so.

Last, but the exact opposite of least, is the fact that the crappy-sized PDF is only 32 pages long! Combine this with the 2-page unusable PDF map, and the one jpg map and at best you have 35 pages. That might sound ok, but I bought this with the understanding there would be a lot more content:
Lies, Lies I tell you!
"Additional 60 pages" my ass
Frugal GM 1 Star Review: King for a Day Map PackLast time I checked 35 is less than 60! I'm actually kind of pissed off right now. The only reason this gets one star is because the main jpg map is pretty cool. The rest of the maps aren't bad, but the majority of them are based off of this one map. 


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