Free GM Resource: Fantasy Paper Miniature Blog

Free GM Resource: Fantasy Paper Miniature Blog
Well, the Kickstarter for the Decks minis didn't pan out, which is regrettable, but not a total loss as I'm sure we'll see them back again in another format (at least I hope we do!).

Now I've used paper minis in the past and while I don't really use them anymore outside of maybe for my PC, I still have a bit of a soft spot for them. I still drag out HeroMachine to make up a super customized mini. I've had my minis scoffed at by some (I'm looking you you D-Team!) but the ability to make an "accurate" mini is sometimes too good a thing to pass up.

Of course, let us not forget that I am not the best paper modeler in the world, so my stuff is always 2D. This is why I liked the 2.5D Decks minis. While I don't have a set of Decks minis, I can try to make up my own using the awesome minis from Eddnic over at the Fantasy Paper Miniature blog. 1st off......holy crap is this guy talented. I don't know if I could pull putting these together, much less making them.

The only downside is that he doesn't host the numerous free files himself, but uses the 4shared service. You have to register for an account or try to log in using social media. Personally I'd go with an account. I actually already had an account....didn't realize that.

The files are pretty much just the art. There aren't any cut, score, or glue markings so they are not for the beginning paper modeler....or someone of my dubious talents. If you have even a modicum of skill however, you should be fine.


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