Free GM Resource: The Mad Irishman PC Sheets

This week's Free GM Resource is a few large huge collection of custom PC/Game sheets from Patrick Murphy (AKA the Mad Irishman). Now he doesn't have any HackMaster sheets listed, but if you need that for the current edition I already have you covered.

Holy crap there are a lot of sheets. I started looking at the lengthy list in the menu and soon discovered that isn't an exhaustive list.....it is just a list of systems he has sheets for.

For example, if you check out the 1st Edition AD&D sheet, it is actually a collection of seven different sheets...

If you poke around a bit you are bound to find a few goodies....I especially like the Top Secret database. I don't play Top Secret (but I want to), but I can only imaging how useful having that information would be if you were running a game.

Now it looks like he hasn't had an update since 2011, but the site is up and if you are playing a game that came out earlier than that I suggest taking a look and seeing if there is something you can use.


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