Quick Play Report: Murderhobos

Quick Play Report: Murderhobos
Yesterday my home group managed to squeeze in an hour or so of Murderhobos. I'm not writing this with the rules in front of me so some of the names for stuff, er shit, might be off.

Everyone liked the rules, or at least reading the rules. Before I GM'd the players I also created two Murderhobos. I let everyone have 200 GP of weapons and the results were....interesting. I didn't allow the players to name their PCs, so any references are to class.

Our small group had three Murderhobos: a Brutal Fighter, a Sneaky Bastard, and an Unhinged Priest. Most of the weaponry was standard fare, except the Sneaky Bastard that preferred to use a potato cannon as her missile weapon and a rust dagger for melee.

The initial combat was to rid the bar's basement of spiders. When the Brutal Fighter asked for payment the bartender just replied, "You want to be able to drink here or not?" Of course, as a GM, I think the rules went South immediately, but this being Murderhobos, I don't think it was a huge issue. Making up stats and required hits for the spiders was good enough, but I had no clue on how turns went or when  my monsters "went". Meh I just went in a turn around the table and if the players missed, the monsters got a roll to-hit. The only thing that seemed "off" was what did I need to hit? A Murderhobo getting an equal or -1 on the Killing Shit roll said the monster needed to roll 10+ the PC's Avoiding Getting Killed. After a few combats I just made the next level down a 5 instead of a 10, problem solved.

The "BBG" of the spiders was a huge spider that tried to get a shot of acidic webbing off at the two PCs that missed their attacks. One player exclaimed something to the effect of, "How can that thing hit us, we're flanking it." Obviously she was too sober because, duh...this is Murderhobos! The spider missed anyway and the 3rd PC hit, so I just ruled that the blow ripped open the web gland and covered the Sneaky Bastard in acidic webbing. Since she only had one hit to her name, she was dead. Having defeated the other spiders, the two survivors just went upstairs to drink. Collectively the dead PC's player and I had forgotten about the Sneaky Bastards "where the hell did he go" ability to move 20 feet instantaneously, avoiding a hit, so when the other two were going upstairs she was able to call out, "Don't forget about me!". I allowed the death tap-back.

The 1st of 3 Cemetery Fights
The 1st of 3 Cemetery Fights
The Brutal Fighter was close to leveling, because the spiders evidently had a lot of coin on them, so she wanted to do less Hoboing and more Murdering. The bartender told the group they could probably find shit to kill in the cemetery so off they went to the first of the cemetery battles. The Unhinged Priest and Brutal Fighter did most of the heavy lifting while the Sneaky Bastard climbed a tree to get a +2 bonus on attacks. Of course she screwed up her Getting Shit Done roll and I ruled she was going to fall out of the tree and die unless she made her Avoid Getting Killed roll, which she did.

The only other rule which was confusing was when did players get to roll on the Avoid Getting Killed, since it mentions having to beat a target. A quick-and dirty ruling was that they rack up hits normally, but if the hit would be fatal they get the Avoid Getting Killed roll, but they have to beat the roll that enabled the hit.

In the end we had a couple PCs level, which was ruled could only be done back at the bar (quickly referring to being a Hobo or Hoboing) overnight. We lost one Unhinged Priest, but quickly picked up another. I think the players had more fun than I did as GM, but we all agreed this would be much more fun if we were drinking......or at least, to be more accurate, drinking more.


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