Free GM Resource: Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I

Phoning it in
This week's Free GM Resource is a quick one...sorry guys, but I'm phoning it in today.

Today is Labor Day and the first time since....I was going to say Christmas, but that isn't right...it's been forever since my entire gaming group has had the day off at the same time, so we are going to be making a bit more of a day of it.

We'll fire up the grill, I'll GM, my wife will GM, we'll play some board games, and we'll probably have a decent amount of libations.

Free GM Resource: Book of Low Level Lairs Volume IThat means I have more cleaning (OK, some cleaning....but any is "more") and game prep to do. No long post or time spent on an intro graphic:

Go check out And Magazine's Adventure Book 03: Book of Low Level Lairs Volume I. The fact they bother to label it as Volume I means you know there is going to be at least a 2nd volume. I gave it a once-over and it looked pretty good. Definitely worth the cover price! I loved the listing of "texts required" and it has a couple new spells.

Go get it now.


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