Free GM Resource: Star Frontiersman

Free GM Resource: Star Frontiersman
Over a year ago I posted a link to a similar Free GM Resource called Frontier Explorer. Notice I used the word similar......

This weekend I stumbled across Star Frontiersman and had to do a bit of a double-check because I thought maybe I'd just found a new issue of Frontier Explorer. Now this wasn't true last during last year's post, but now these magazines are basically two sides of the same coin as they are both operated by the same group.

If you're up on your Frugal GM Posts you might recall that the base game Star Frontiers is free, which really means there is a metric butt-ton of space-faring goodness all available for free home play.

Personally I'm not up for playing Star Frontiers. Don't get me wrong, this one game has a HUGE sense of nostalgia for me, but you know the saying "You can never go home again?" Unless I found a dedicated group to really do this game justice (as in this was our game), I think playing a one-off would just feel "off" and ruin the memories for me...even though we only played part of one adventure back in the day. My memories were more of Star Frontiers keeping the RPG dream alive for me during a pretty bad time as far as gaming went.

The good thing is, that is part of my gaming baggage and you don't have to deal with that!

Issue #25 of Star Frontiersman is one big old Alpha Dawn adventure which you can get from the website or on DriveThruRPG.


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