Frugal GM Review: Fat Dragon Games Copper Dragon Set (now 25% off!)

Frugal GM Review: Fat Dragon Games Copper Dragon Set (now 25% off!)
I was organizing some of my paper model files and realized I was missing about 2/3rd of my Fat Dragon Games Copper Dragon Set (say that 5 times real fast!). I've been on a bit of a terrain kick as of late and was going to cut out some of my basic dungeon tiles.

After my big computer crash where I discovered that my "automatic" RPG backup wasn't working as it should I've been a bit more thorough in checking on my files as I go through things.

Anyway, a quick pop on over to DriveThruRPG gets me fresh downloads of my missing files and I noticed that Fat Dragon is having a 25% sale!

If you are not familiar with Fat Dragon, they make a lot of good paper models. Not too fancy, easy to put together.....really solid stuff. The Copper Dragon line is the so-called "lower-end" of their product line, mostly because it is just a collection of flat (2d) tiles.

Of course these tiles are perfect if you want to make some 2.5D tiles like those from theDMsCraft.

The entire Copper Dragon set consists of eight different downloads/products:

  • Basic Dungeons 1
  • Basic Dungeons 2
  • Basic Dungeons 3
  • Caverns 1
  • Caverns 2
  • Dungeon Perils 1
  • Forest 1
  • Forest 2
The set would normally run you $3.99 per, so at 25% off that is now $2.99 or a whopping $24 for everything! Ok, technically $23.92, but you get the point. Personally I'd probably just start off with the basic dungeons and work my way up from there, but mostly because I haven't made any use of the perils or forest sets yet.

If you are specifically going for 2.5D tiles, the cavern set works really well as there is a nice thick wall along each side. Just something to consider.....

Frugal GM 4 Star Review: Fat Dragon Games Copper Dragon SetNow I like the fact that each set starts off with a page or two of thumbnails and some effort has been made to center the tiles, although if you skip through the PDF really quick you can tell the header graphics are not consistently centered. Each tile is placed within an eight inch square. Some might not like the marked square, but it hasn't really been an issue for me. I prefer to cut out the empty space and just have shaped tiles as opposed to having a set of eight inch tiles lying around. This does make it a bit more troublesome to store and use, but it saves on material and makes it easier to use.

The only real issue I have is that the PDFs are locked down so I cannot use these tiles with a VTT. I'd actually get more use out of using these as virtual tiles, where the 2D aspect is a strength. Overall though, I do think the Copper Dragon set is quite worthwhile. 


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