Free Map 039: Surprise, It's a River!

Free Map 039: Surprise, It's a River!
Personally I've always been drawn to water features. When shopping for my 1st home it had to be by some water, which isn't easy to do at the edge of the high desert. When looking for maps to create I always enjoy incorporating some body of water. I've probably been a bit apologetic about it before, but screw it....if I'm giving away a free map I might as well enjoy making it.

This time I tried making the map in only an hour. I didn't quite make my self-imposed deadline, but mostly because I had a helluva time trying to find some of my base graphic files. Seems like I'm due for some more file house-cleaning.

This river map isn't too far different from other maps I've done, but this time I decided to cut away the sections of river that were not "visible" from the open areas of the map. You could use this as an underground river or maybe a river surrounded by steep cliffs.

A long section of river

The large map is 20 inches long and 300 DPI, so it is a rather large 8.84 MB in size. You probably don't want to download this unless your think you'll get some use out of it. If you take and drop the resolution to 100 DPI you could stretch that to 60 inches, which might rock on a VTT. Might being the operative word.

Anyway, have fun with it. Click on the lead-in graphic for the file or use this link.


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