New Frugal GM Product: Lookout at Logger's Lake

New Frugal GM Product: Lookout at Logger's Lake
With the extra work I initially put in on that map from last week I decided I should go ahead an "do" something with that map. I had an initial idea for a "Tweak & Toss" encounter set that ended up getting a bit sideways in my head, which required even more work to the "extra" work I had done on the map.

In the end I'm glad I decided to make some changes to the map instead of twisting the ideal around to fit the map I already had. Winterizing the map wasn't too difficult, but it made me rethink how I could use some of the tools I had. Initially I thought I'd do things in a completely different fashion, but playing around I found a better way. Always fun to learn how to use your tools better.

"Tweak & Toss" Ecnounter Set: Lookout at Logger's Lake
Anyway Lookout at Logger's Lake is not much more than a map and some ideas on how to use it. The setup is deliberately generic so you just have to add the appropriate stats instead of changing what is already in there. Now the setup is for a late winter/early spring, but you could easily change things by using one of the other maps and making some common-sense changes.

Originally I had put this in as a $1 product, but I changed it to PWYW, which is line with the other, similar items. Please feel free to download it and tell me what you think. I always appreciate feedback.


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