Free GM Resource: Drop Tables (Post in Progress)

Free GM Resource: Drop Tables (Post in Progress)
This week's Free GM Resource is a bit of a work in progress, and I'm hoping that a few of my readers can help out with it. Over the last couple of weeks I've been seeing a few drop table show up in my G+ feed, presumably because Dyson Logos has gotten a bit excited about them as of late.

January 27th Edit: It might be useful if I explain what a drop table is. It is a random table that isn't a sequential look-up chart, but a graphical table that the dice are actually rolled on. The physical placement of the dice on the chart, along with the numerical values, determines the results. 

Now to be fair, I don't use drop tables. I love 'em, but I don't tend to use them. My preference is for electronic tables 1st and compact tables 2nd. Generally speaking I don't use many tables in-game.....tables are usually used when I prep for my games. I tend to have too much "stuff" to juggle when I run a game and more paper often means more mess for me to sift through.

Regardless of how or why I use tables, the drop tables I've seen are just fricken cool. Basically a nice intersection of information & art, I think drop tables are worth collecting just for the awesomeness of it. What I'm proposing to do is post links to the few drop tables I know about and as people point them out to me, I'll append the post.

I am NOT going to host the files here. The pictures I do have will pale in comparison to downloading the real deal, and there might very well be some extra info from the source website you need.

The Savage Sword of Scadgrad
This was the very 1st drop table I came across. Written way back in 2012 by T Mullins, it is featured on his blog: The Savage Sword of Scadgrad. You really should get this table and peruse his site. Great stuff there!

Kelvin Green & Dyson Logos Mashup TableThis table, the one on the right, seems to be a collaboration between Kelvin Green and Dyson Logos. The original can be found on Kelvin's Blog, while the "mashup" is in this G+ post.

Dyson Logos drop table

Now this drop table is all Dyson. It is specifically a random monster table for one of his maps, but it could be used about anywhere, especially if you are willing to make some tweaks. You can find this gem on his website. If you haven't been there before, save a visit for when you have an hour or two to kill.....trust me on this one.

Evil Temple of Evilness and the Great God Orsobuffo
This is an interesting drop table I found on Rolang's Creeping Doom. Titled the "Evil Temple of Evilness and the Great God Orsobuffo" (don't try to say that 5 times fast!) I wasn't going to spend too much time trying to find the artist....I know his name is Chris and while he has this table under a Creative Commons license (Rolang's Creeping Doom / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) I can only attribute it to the blog name, not the author/artist. Either way though, it is free for the appropriate using.

This is only four tables, well technically five, but I'm sure there are some other floating around. I know I've seen at least one more, but I cannot find it. Of course it may not have been a drop table and I'm just remembering it wrong. Either way, if you find any more, please drop me a note using G+ or use the handy-dandy contact form on the blog.

January 27th Addition:
Here is a whole random dungeon drop table from Frivology!

January 30th Addition:
This seems a little bit much, but I figured I should add a link to the PWYW drop table I created this week. I was inspired by these other tables and had a future need for this particular table. You can download it from DriveThruRPG here.


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