Frugal GM Contest: Inked Adventures Hand Drawn (Large) Geomorph Tiles

Frugal GM Contest: Inked Adventures Hand Drawn (Large) Geomorph Tiles
I think it is about time I've gotten rid of some of my crap, er had a contest....yeah....a contest.

OK, I'll come clean. I'm clearing out my office because I really let things go this winter and when I came across one of my many small storage boxes containing the bajillion Inked Adventures Geomorph Tiles I painstakingly put together. I had them professionally printed, mounted on high-end self-stick foam core, and then laminated with high-end lamination. These things are a bit larger than 3" square and come just short of completely stuffing my photo storage box (11 x 7.5 x 5).

Smaller version of the "Large" geomorph tilesI think these things are pretty fricken sweet, but I also know I'm probably not going to use them. I already have plans for the electronic files and if I had been just a bit smarter about making these things I would have sized them to about 4" square. That size I'd have more of a use for because they'd fit the large collection of generic tokens I have.

Maybe some day I'll re-do these tiles, but for now.....well, something this nice has to have a good home. I've already reached out to Billiam Babble and gotten his permission to give these away. He liked the idea well enough that he's offered to let me give away a free download of the set as well!

So here is the deal:

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The contest will run for 1 week, ending at midnight (my time Mountain Time) on January 15th...as in when the 15th starts for me. At that time I'll open up the email account, count the number of entries, count the number of blog members, and use a random generator to figure out who won the tiles and do it all again to see who won the digital download.

example of tiles in use
I'll pay for standard shipping here in the US and up to $10 for any international shipping. I like to think we're all adults here, but in case I'm wrong I'll just go on the record to say I reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the contest as I feel like. A little bit or me feels dirty for even having to type that......

Please help spread the word about this contest and help me find a good home to this excellent product.


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