Free GM Resource Expanded "Against the Giants" Super Adventure (G4-G9)

Free GM Resource Expanded "Against the Giants" Super Adventure (G4-G9)
This week's Free GM Resource is "an adventure", but really I should state it is a "Big-Assed Adventure". How big? Like 6 adventures rolled into one big. Like high-level campaign big. Like, this is all we will be playing for the next year of Sundays big (YMMV).

Some time ago the good folks over at the Roll For Initiative podcast reviewed the 1st Edition Giant Series of modules from TSR. Now it's been a while so I might be a bit off, but they either reviewed or simply mentioned that some folks were working on a huge expansion of that series. IIRC they promised to get that mega-series "posted" for folks to download.

Now I've been mislead by their promises lies before (I'm still waiting for my reward from last year Vince!!!!!), but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Last week (or so) they came through and had a link to the G4-G9 adventures. This link just goes to a "shared" Google Drive, so it is one of those things you might not find if not specifically pointed out (which is why it is being shared here!).

The files consist of two maps, a "complete" PDF of all the adventures, and adventures 4,5,7,8, & 9 individually. This really seems to be a working drive of some type as file names are a bit off, but everything seems to be in order.
Original G1-G3 Against the Giants
  • G4 Sanctum of the Stone Giant Lord
  • G5 Curse of the Cloud Giant Queen
  • G6 Forge of the Fomorian Smith lord
  • G7 Giants in the Deep
  • G8 Manor of the Mountain Giant King
  • G9 Secret of the Swamp Giant Steward
If you don't already have it, the Official G1-G3 Against the Giants series is on sale at DriveThruRPG.


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