Free Map043: Clarkesburg Caverns

Free Map043: Clarkesburg Caverns
I've focused in on a small area of the larger map I put out last week. Since I've written quite a bit about this map on the Patreon page where you can download it I won't go into too much detail.

I do want to state though that I deliberately didn't add entrances to this map because it occurred to me that with this type of map having pre-placed entrances might actually be a impedance for some GMs to pick this up and use it. Now I'm intending to place three entrances where the cavern system butts up against some ponds, but another GM may wish to place this "under" one of their current maps and choose entrances based on how well it lines up for them.

Hopefully if GMs would prefer that I always make sure to include entrances, they'll let me know so I can take that under advisement.
Patreon Map043: Clarkesburg Caverns

The map is a 300 DPI map printed to a High-Quality (actual setting) letter-sized PDF.......and I just know realized that was kind of a stupid thing to do. Well, releasing it as a PDF wasn't stupid, but ONLY releasing it as a PDF was. Here is a link to the JPG version. At least those who would have preferred the JPG get rewarded for actually reading this post!

As per my usual, clicking on the lead-in graphic or using this link takes you to the original (PDF) file.
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