Free Tweak & Toss Short Encounter Set: FGM023 Dreki Draugr of Strandagaldur

Free Tweak & Toss Short Encounter Set: FGM023 Dreki Draugr of Strandagaldur
I had just realized that it has been two months since I made a "Tweak & Toss" short encounter set, so today I buckled down and made a new one. Last week at the Wednesday night open chat at Tenkar's Tavern, Matt Jackson asked for a name he could use as some ruins. I made something up, typed it into Google and gave him the results, which ended up being an Icelandic place name (or I hope that is what it was!)

When his map came out Matt made an off-hand remark something to the effect that he wished to see someone make something from it. After the last challenge I had to use this map. Now I realize it might not have been an actual challenge, but sometimes you need anything for motivation. I was already working on a map and it was easy to add the appropriate-shaped building "blob" on that map.

I spent my free-thinking moments during the next day or so coming up with a couple ideas, which I subsequently scrapped. The only fragment I kept was this mental picture of St. George slaying the dragon. It was the actual picture I used on the back of the woodcut playing cards I had in mind. Eventually I came up with some sort of "Lazarus Dragon" who could come back from the dead under the right circumstances. That morphed heavily into something else and mentally tweaked and prodded until I came up with an idea I hope was expressed well-enough in the adventure, which I named Dreki Draugr of Strandagaldur. Those other words are Icelandic as well and *surprise* spoilers!

If I didn't get my new monster across as well as I had hoped I could try to re-write a better entry. There were space constraints, but also the simple fact I wasn't working from a specific game system point of view.

The Tweak & Toss Short Encounter set is available on both DriveThruRPG and Patreon...for absolutely free! Just if you enjoy it, please check out Matt's Patreon campaign as well.


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