New Frugal GM Product(s): Menu Generator & Drop Table

New Frugal GM Product(s): Menu Generator & Drop Table
Once in a while I get one of those creative itches that I really need to scratch and this week I've spent too much time taking care of that needy feeling.

Earlier this week I had an idea for a simple drop-table to create a fantasy RPG menu. I had an idea in my mind how it'd work and after creating the original background graphics and doing a fair bit of research I realized that my concept was far too simple and trying for an "authentic" sort of medieval meal was just unrealistic.

In addition to the whole idea of when & where, as "medieval" encompasses such a large swath of time & space, there were some considerations for poor meals and better meals. Before I knew it I was looking at a slew of menus with different price points and complexity. Eventually I had to just stand back a bit and hit the subject with a rather wide brush that "felt" right to me. I took some historical information into account and just hammered a few points around until it felt right to me.

In the end I came up with a series of tables that allow you to use a full range of "standard" RPG dice. I also made sure that the tables had some extra entries so the GM could add some regional fare and even had some room for an extra table. I didn't forget the drop table, but tweaked my original idea and made a rather simple table. The drop table is available as a freebie and I put a price on the full PDF.

Here is the drop table, just for a look-see. If you want it I'd download this copy from DriveThruRPG. If the full-on version interests you, use this link.

Original Drop Table


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