Free Map045: Underground River Network

Free Map045: Underground River Network
This has had me spending waaaaay too much time trying to learn how to use Adobe InDesign. The good news is that I'm actually learning something useful and have already gotten a bit of a lead on a couple larger projects. The bad news that some of those lessons have been a bit painful, like when I deleted a half-day of work because I thought I had screwed some basic settings up, forcing me to start over from scratch when all I had messed up was choosing the right printing options!


I'll have my normal Friday review up later this afternoon as I spent this morning finishing up this week's free map. Again I've been trying some new things and this map took a lot more time than normal, but I think the end result was worthwhile. I wrote a bit about what I was trying to accomplish on the Patreon download page.

If you have some ideas for maps you'd like to see, feel free to drop my a line. My Patreon's opinions carry a bit more weight in these matters, but the majority are quite quiet on the matter.

Small Preview of Map045: Underground River Network
Really Small Preview
Like usual, please click on the lead-in graphic or use this link to get to the map.


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