Free GM Resource: Footprints Magazine

Free GM Resource: Footprints Magazine
I consider this week's Free GM Resource to be a bit of a recycling affair, although technically I haven't specifically recommended Footprints Magazine. Footprints is the "Official E-Zine of Dragonsfoot" and I have recommended Dragonsfoot.org, although it was 2 1/2 years ago.....

....with the briefest of revisits a year ago last Christmas.

What can I say? Dragonsfoot is a great website worth going back to time and again. I'll admit I don't hang out there very often and tend to go back periodically when I'm looking for something. Last week I was looking for some free adventures and twice I succeeded in link-hopping my way back to Dragonsfoot.

While I'm specifically recommending Footprints I think you'll really want to poke around a bit to uncover many more awesome freebies. Even if you already knew about Dragonsfoot, like I did, when was the last time you visited?


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