Go Over to DTRPG and Pick This up While You Can (for $2)

Go Over to DTRPG and Pick This up While You Can (for $2)
This is a product I think I'll be reviewing soon, but not today for a couple of reasons.

I do want to make everyone aware of New Big Dragon Games Unlimited's brand-spanking-new Creature Compendium. Richard just put up a post on his blog that he's released this a bit early so folks could take advantage of a 30% sale at Lulu.

He's also put it on big-time sale at DriveThruRPG, even though it technically isn't ready (the secondary reason I'll wait to review this). Next week he'll update the PDF with the niceties like bookmarks and links, but for now go over and pick it up for $2.

Seriously, why are your still reading this? Go over to and get your copy (or copies, if you take care of the Lulu deal as well) now, while you can. At $2 he's practically giving this thing away....

....and you're still reading this? Fine, I'll remark that the cover is actually black...I just inverted it because I wanted to see what my copy will look like if I print it at home, assuming I don't get a Lulu print.

If it makes you happy, you can always come back here after purchasing your copy of CC1. I'll wait....


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