Free Map047: Lake Island

Free Map047: Lake Island
I finished up this map yesterday and promptly forgot to let you guys know about it.

My original idea was nothing more than a huge underground lake and I figured I'd just start with a "regular" lake source map. Since I wanted the surrounding geography to be more....."interesting" I went with a crater lake. Little did I know there are crater lakes all over the Northwest.

This map is based of of "the" Crater Lake in Oregon. I wanted to de-emphasize the contours, but still make them kind of usable, so I scrubbed all the elevation markers and "fixed" the resulting gaps in the index contour lines. The island was moved and rotated...for reasons....and I essentially drew out the scale ten-fold. At the new scale the lake is maybe 50 miles across.

Lo-res preview of the lake map

Since my idea is for an underground lake in a colossal cavern, there are obvious no trees. I had thought about giant mushrooms, but I realized that to even be seen at this scale they would have to be something approaching football-field in size. Instead I just carpeted the ground with various assortment of colors depicting different types of fungus & molds. The types of fungi change as you move around the lake and there is some blending as the predominate species give way to each other. There is also a reason the island is a different color......but I still have to write up the associated adventure.

The free version of the map is a 300 DPI JPEG set to print out full-size on a standard letter (landscape) page. My Patrons get the map sized for poster printing at 18" x 24" as a JPEG and as a PDF (both without the Patreon markings). Like usual, you can click on the lead-in graphic to go to the appropriate download page, or you can use this link.


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