d30 Challenge Day 12

d30 Challenge Day 12
This is my 12th entry in the d30 Challenge, which is a bastardization of an idea I first saw on Mark "CMG" Clover's feed. Now I'm a sucker for these things and I know some folks aren't so while I'm committed to answering one question about my favorite hobby each day, and putting together a d30 table before the end of the month, I know not everyone is so interested. I'll put the question & answer after the break, posting late in the day, and not promoting this on G+ so those who don't like this kind of thing should be exposed only minimally.

I think this is the best I can do....
Day 12's question is "Favorite Dungeon Type/Location".

This is another easy one for me. My favorite dungeon type and location is an underground natural cavern complex. I like the wandering randomness of an underground cavern because it has a natural feel that doesn't fit the nice right-angles and efficient use of space that man uses everyday. With a humanoid-made dungeon you expect certain things to exist. Ever looked at a map of a complex, perhaps one you've mapped out while exploring and thought, "This is an odd blank space......I bet there is a secret door there..."

With a natural underground cavern you can have huge swaths of empty space next to oddly-sized 3.75' wide natural corridors. The roof of one room can be 300' high and the next 7' at best. A cavern complex can have odd 3d layering and that tunnel you are checking out could climb to a cave with surface access or plunge straight down for miles....

Give me a good underground cavern system anyday...


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