d30 Challenge Day 27

d30 Challenge Day 27
This is my 27th entry in the d30 Challenge, which is a bastardization of an idea I first saw on Mark "CMG" Clover's feed. Now I'm a sucker for these things and I know some folks aren't so while I'm committed to answering one question about my favorite hobby each day, and putting together a d30 table before the end of the month, I know not everyone is so interested. I'll put the question & answer after the break, posting late in the day, and not promoting this on G+ so those who don't like this kind of thing should be exposed only minimally.

I think this is the best I can do....
Day 27's question is "Favorite Curse of Cursed Item.

I've only had a few run-ins with cursed items. One was with a D&D 3.5 game and it led to my last 3.5 game ever. Not because of what you might think. That game had the GM running his own GMPC and after months of his PC monopolizing the game and getting the best loot he made a big show of my character getting two magic items when everybody got one. My PC got two because I got last pick of items and the "bonus" item was knowingly cursed. I had already asked to sell the cursed item and split the proceedings with the party before splitting the game for good.

Another run-in was with a "real" cursed item. I had just finished being a smart-ass on the KenzerCo forums and tricked Jolly Blackburn with a RickRoll. I know it's a bit dated, but I had fun. He texted me "Curse You!!" while I was at the game and we all had a laugh at his expense. That was all fun and games until my PC was...literally, in a tight-space with a nasty Ghast that I had to turn. I rubbed my dice on fame rub signature I had in my dice case and rolled a 1! Gah!......I have a mulligan to use...another 1! OK I'll burn 10 points of honor for another mulligan...and I rolled a 2! After putting my die down in the case I realized that I had used Jolly's signature for the fame rub, and now all my dice were cursed. I had to do a rather extensive dice-cleansing to fix that problem.

My favorite cursed item though, in retrospect, was a cursed sword from my 1st tournament playing my Eleven Archer Waydol Glendarn. Mrs. Frugal GM and I were celebrating our 1st anniversary at the Dragonflight convention in Seattle. We were playing in our 1st tournament (well, my second) together with married PCs. The BBG at the end of the adventure had a magic lance that could morph into a sword. During the combat I ended up grabbing the lance and trying to use it against the BBG, but was cursed to fight my own party. Luckily my wife's Cleric was able to Command me to drop the weapon and since we had just killed the BBG the adventure was pretty much over. My PC had a gullible (?) quirk and no memory of what had just transpired. Just as the GM was wrapping things up he asked if I had anything to say and I just remarked, "Look! A sword!" while gesturing at the ground at the cursed sword before me. Everyone pretty much shouted, "Noooooo!" as the GM declared the game officially over.

That game was fun.


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