d30 Challenge Day 28

d30 Challenge Day 28
This is my 28th entry in the d30 Challenge, which is a bastardization of an idea I first saw on Mark "CMG" Clover's feed. Now I'm a sucker for these things and I know some folks aren't so while I'm committed to answering one question about my favorite hobby each day, and putting together a d30 table before the end of the month, I know not everyone is so interested. I'll put the question & answer after the break, posting late in the day, and not promoting this on G+ so those who don't like this kind of thing should be exposed only minimally.

I think this is the best I can do....
Day 28's question is "PCs you have sworn off playing".

Hmm.....I'm not sure this question completely applies to me. I don't really have PCs I've sworn off playing. The closest thing I would have to this is a game system I have sworn off playing, and at the risk of inciting (who am I kidding.....adding fuel to a smoldering fire at best) a flame war I'd have to say I'd rather not play any more D&D 3.5 games please. If that means swearing off those PCs then so be it.

I didn't enjoy what felt to me was the WotC book-of-the-month club. I didn't enjoy taking forever to create a PC because it seemed to me you really needed to plan out your PC to 10th level when initially creating your character or you'd be behind on the power-curve in-game. Mostly I didn't enjoy the 3.5 games I played in.

The last bit isn't necessarily a reflection of the game-system itself, but of the GM(s) who ran it for me. One was a friend who just had a different vision of what was fun in a game and the other...well the other was a selfish asshat. How selfish? Well he always ran a GMPC....not a NPC, and in one large-party campaign where the players each had one PC he had several, one of which was a copy of the "unique" PC concept I was trying to run. In that game my PC and his cloned-copy basically ran like hell to avoid a TPK (and to alert the townsfolk of the danger....or at least that was my reason). As the GM he brought back every PC from the dead except my wife's character and one of his GMPCs somehow came back much stronger than it was before it had died.

Yeah.....screw that GM....and the game while I'm at it. The whole affair left a bad taste in my mouth still about a decade later....if I was going to swear off any PCs, it'd be those tainted by that 3.5 gameplay.


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