Origins 2015 Convention Report, Part 2 (The Looting!)

Origins 2015 Convention Report, Part 2 (The Looting!)
I like to think that most people don't really care too much about convention reports because they's rather have just gone there instead. Not a lot of fun to hear about your friend's fun at an event you couldn't go to.

If you fall into that category, then don't read the part 1, which I won't link to because that would be rude.

What I do think most people like, largely because I get this question from everyone (even on-gamers) is: "What did you get?" which usually just outpaces "What did you get me?" Obviously I need to stop bringing back home loot for friends & family.

Overall haul
This is a quick shot at my overall loot list for Origins this year, along with one of my cats that is a bit on the clingy side since we've been gone for 4 hours short of a week.

Almost everything here is "mine", but I did add in some stuff I bought for the Mrs., something I simply carried for her....and evidently I let out the minis. Whoops....

Table Forged Items
On the 1st day of the dealer hall I saw this "Dwarven Drinking Adventure" called Iron & Ale from Table Forged LLC. They had a video of the game being played up at their booth and I was immediately "I want that". I was hoping to be able to review this game for both this blog and the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine because free review product is good, but the Mrs. insisted on buying it "to support small game publishers".

She bought me the base game and the t-shirt, but the Table Forged guys tossed in the King of the Keg expansion. I really liked this T-Shirt and I might just keep it for conventions because it is cool. It reads "Alignment Dwarf" on it.

There is a lot going on in this next picture. On the right are two of the three glasses we got from Barleys Ale House across the street from the convention. Every year they have a special convention menu and the last two years you could get a free pint glass with purchase (and Origins coupon). We also bought the special tankard they had made this year. One of our glasses broke on the way home (D'oh!), but I guess that is what happens when you forget about them and gate-check your bag.
My dice and stuff that is sharp
There were a LOT of dealers with dice boxes, towers, & trays from all across the price and quality spectrum. Only two dice tower dealers stood out, one for the quality of wood and the other for the quality of the ramp inserts. I'd say most fit my d30, but only barely. I looked at a lit of dice trays & boxes and not one would fit my d30. I noticed more than half of the boxes I looked at were really sloppy when it came to their top-coat finish, which makes them a no-go in my opinion. I wasn't set on buying anything until the last hour of the last day when Dog Might Games dropped everything to at least 1/2 off. This is one of their lower-tiered boxes and it is decent for the price I paid, but not-so-much at the "list" price. Of course that opinion might change after some good use.

On the box are my dice purchases and some adventuring meeples (from Meeple Source) I picked up. The dice are four of this year's Origins d6s. I could have gotten far more because the guys from Crystal Caste are tight with KenzerCo and usually drop off a large bag of extra dice at the end of the convention. Now I'll admit I'm a bit of a dice snob and try to only use Gamescience dice, but I do try to buy something from Crystal Caste every year because they are good guys. This year my wife took care of that...and then some. I shouldn't have needed to buy any dice this year, but I picked up some odd dice (d3, d5, d14, d16, & d24) from Gamescience because I was going in to a DCC game and had left these other dice at home. I went back to get another uninked set of green percentile dice to ink white so I could use two sets as a d10,000 for my expected HackMaster games. I had to pick up the d60 from Koplow because I didn't own one....not that I'll probably ever use one...

That knife was an interesting gift. One Friday night after a little drinking at the Bar on 2 a couple folks from our group disappeared and the next thing you know we've all been invited to a private party in one of the adjacent hotels. We get there and there is a table half filled with food and the other half with Ral Partha minis. We are allowed to "help ourselves" to as many minis as we want...and I did have my largely-empty game bag with me. The temptation was strong to simply sweep everything into the bag....

Evidently their Kickstarter had either finished or was set to and it was time to celebrate. There was also clearly something else going on because there was some epic hooch at this event. Ends up the good stuff was the private stock of one of our hosts, presumably for his personal use. The host and I shared some common ground....I was given a nice shot or three of expensive scotch and we kind of traded military coins. I only carried two coins with me, one from my 1st duty station and the other from my schoolhouse (that one goes with me to my grave). The host was touched enough (or maybe just touched....) that he gave me this fine knife from one of his other business endeavors. It is a NICE knife.....

Poker chips & coupons
From the top going around are the roughly 400 HackMaster coupons I liberated from the Origins coupon books that were slated for recycling, my Far Away Land book I had delivered to Origins, a bunch of tiny poker chips from Koplow, a dual purpose flashlight & pen from the folks at Shoggoth.net, and a spring 1994 copy of the Traveller Chronicle I found after the convention at a local toy store.

Lots of Funko
I also picked up a copy of the adventure I wrote for Kenzer & Company called A Sewer Runs Through It. Also shown is A Dwarven Cookbook, two Adventure Time Funko Pop figures I bought for the Mrs. (Fiona & Cake), a Deadpool Funko plush, and lastly a small print of Deadpool & Spiderman the Mrs. got when she bought a couple t-shirts from a vendor.

Almost forgot the minisAs I was typing this I realized I had forgotten to
include the minis. I had bought two Reaper minis, one for a PC I had rolled up and the other as a random selection in a small $1 vending machine they had at the Reaper booth. I also bought 5 Ral Partha minis for some future products, but I might go a different direction....time will tell on that one. The loose minis are some that I scored from the party along with a selection of loose weapons for mini customization.

There might be some more odds & ends I've forgotten, but this is the bulk of it. Since my birthday is coming up there is a chance I get some more "stuff" from Origins


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