A Bit of Re-Work on my Last Map

A Bit of Re-Work on my Last Map
I received a comment asking me to post a small full-scale (?) version of the Isometric(ish) map from last week. I'm still playing around with these maps and while I was working on something else I figured, "why not?"

Ugh....I kind of wish I hadn't taken a closer comparative look.

While I liked the end result of Map050, there were aspects from the earlier map that I attempted to "improve upon" and I don't think I did. These are probably minor points that might not matter to anyone else, but I found the newer map to be too far of a departure in some aspects that I didn't realize at the time were important.

Close-up view of map versions
Click for larger view

I wanted to make the cavern walls taller, which was easily accomplished, and I like those results. The brown outlines? Ugh...they got to go! I also didn't care for the level of detail of the cavern floor, or even the wall striations. The new map had just too much detail.

A few "quick" trips of various layers of the original map through Adobe Illustrator got me some of the fixes I wanted. I'm not thrilled with the stipple layer, but I didn't bother to re-do it for the updated map. Instead I just put a dark photo-filter on the old one and called it "close enough".

The bonus is that now it will be much easier for me to make a larger version of this map should I want to. Blowing it up 2 or 3 times the original size will be easy. Going too far beyond that will tax my computer memory and is probably overkill anyway.

I've posted updated maps for my Patrons and if there is a call for it I could add updated PDF versions as well, but I'll save that effort for when it is called for.


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