Free Map050: Another Isometric Cave System

Free Map050: Another Isometric Cave System
I've finished the map from last Thursday and decided to go ahead and make it available for free on my Patreon site.

I really enjoyed the last attempt at an isometric map and sometime between then and now I had a few ideas for improvement, one of which was a rather "duh!" moment for me.....man the things that come to mind when you are trying to sleep....

Anyway, this map is going to be part of a somewhat inter-connected series and I've taken a minor liberty with the water feature on this map to try and show the lake pours into a waterfall. The WIP map had the waterfall featured much more prominently and I think without the other parts of the cave system in place it looked off. One appropriate remark I got on that map is that this cave system really looked like it was "floating"..and I think that waterfall was a big part of that unwanted effect.

Here is a larger view (but smaller than the download size) of the finished map. The free map comes with two versions as a PDF and my Patrons get the maps as three PNG files (grid, no-grid, and a 100 dpi VTT version).

Larger View


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