Frugal GM Essential Gamemaster Gear: Noteboard

Frugal GM Essential Gamemaster Gear: Noteboard
As part of a small series of posts I'm outlying what I consider some "essential" GM kit that I have found necessary to be able to run a game. I'm shying away from dice....for reasons...and I don't expect my opinions to be the end-all of the topic, but instead the beginning of a larger conversation.

I wasn't going to put the Noteboard on my essential list, but a G+ comment made me reconsider. Don't get me wrong...I love the Noteboard and did a review of it last year when I brought one home from Origins. The reason I wasn't going to use it for the "essential" list is because I don't use it in my game....

....and this isn't a bad thing. I bought the Noteboard to be a permanent fixture in my small GM "go bag" to be used when needed, more of a backup. In the last year I've used it exactly once and it did a kick-ass job that one time. Normally I have other equipment I use at my home game and I haven't forgotten my larger map boards at the away games.

I've been fortunate in that regard, but by making this a permanent part of my travel bag it pretty much becomes essential gear in use if not completely in theory. Even though I've used it only that one time I'd still say that Noteboard was a great $12 spent.


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