Pimping for a Worthwhile Patreon

Pimping for a Worthwhile Patreon
Ok, I'll freely admit this is a bit against type for me because while I don't mind promoting other people's distinct products I generally refrain from generic "check out and support this guy's work". That is what the "+12 Links of Helpfulness" is for.

Why would I want to let you know about any Patreon but mine?.....

.....especially since I have friends with cool Patreon projects*.

I've been a big fan of Dave Graffam from afar and I've mentioned his work in a post here or there. I don't know the guy, but I think he does some kick-ass work. Enough that he's made the short list of folks I support myself on Patreon. It might be significant to note that I'm not currently employed and generally broke as hell, so making my list at all is a significant endeavor right now. I'm supporting him at a whopping $3 a month and if I had any decent amount of discretionary funds it'd be at $10 a month so I can get all the cool models he makes gratis.

Dave's 1st Patreon Model
Honestly, at $3 I think you are ahead of the game since you get a free model every month. Most of his models run more than than and since I do own a few I'm risking unneeded dupes, but I'll take my chances.

I might not be all that flush with disposable cash, but I can out in a good word to you guys. Straight up.....paying $3 a month for a "free" model is a good deal. Unless you want to bide your time for a sale and try to blow tens upon tens of dollars (for me it's be hundreds) trying to grab a bunch of stuff on sale at DTRPG, you are better off supporting Dave on Patreon. Besides....if you get one model a month you'll be much more likely to actually assemble the damn things. If you get 10 or more in a go you'll probably just see it as a mountain of work....

....come on...admit it....

*Please don't ask me to pimp your Patreons, this is a bit of an exception since I can't pledge what I'd like to.


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