Map050 Work-In-Progress

Map050 Work-In-Progress
Since last week's free map I've been itching to try again at a better isometric(ish) cavern map.  I've been churning some ideas on how to make the next one better and thought instead of doing the entire map in one go I'd create it in at least two, probably three or four, sections.

Obviously I'm trying to improve my own abilities making maps, but I'm also trying to "cement" some of the things I did that felt "right" so I could do it again in the future.

One of my other "hobbies" is participating in Toastmasters and I always tell those I mentor that when ever taking on a new role they should probably try to do it at least twice in close succession so they can build upon what worked and overcome any challenges identified the 1st time out.

I am one to take my own advice....

This map at full size (so far) is about 6 1/2" x 7" my original plan is to go 11" x 14" (300 DPI) and full color so it could be printed out at someplace like FedEx Kinkos. My thinking is that if I break it up right the sections could be printed out on a home printer if desired and stitched together by hand, and a VTT version is not out of the question.

This is obviously a rough-cut mock-up for now......
Not quite 1/3 of the finished map

......and input is generally welcome. My Patrons will get the full-size map, but I'll put a smaller version up for free, probably this weekend.


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